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Music Tech Teacher - Introduction to music tech class. Lessons, Projects and Activities for our class. Our site includes quizzes, games, lessons, worksheets and other resources for teachers and students interested in using technology to enhance music education.

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Music Tech Lab at Green Acres

Students are practicing music on the keyboards with Noteflight in our lab.

Music Tech Lab at Green Acres

Students are practicing music on the keyboards in our lab at Green Acres.

Music Tech Lab at Green Acres

Students are practicing music on the keyboards in our lab at Green Acres.

Band students after the All City Evaluation.

Band students after the All City Evaluation.

Music Tech Students

Students are practicing music on the keyboards in our lab at Green Acres.

Music Tech Students

Students like to use their accounts and Synthesia to compose and play music.

Music Tech Students

Students are practicing music using our website.

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Music Technology Lessons

Lesson Plans Page

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It is very important to establish communication between the teacher, students and parents during the first weeks of school.

Lessons 001 and 002
DATES  August, 2011

Lessons © / Ms. K. Garrett

Each Music Technology student in the 2nd - 5th grades will receive one 30-45 minute lesson per week. Information about the music technology class will be available online for all parents, students and the public to access throughout the year. The Music Tech Lab can accommodate up to 8 students per class, one station per student due to space limitations.

(The teacher will schedule students who are interested in the music technology program and obtain information from students during the first class. The class structure is ‘work-at-your-own-pace’ because students are not required to have any materials or music equipment to participate.)

Essential Question:
How can technology assist students in learning music and music instruction?

* The teacher will introduce the music technology program to parents and students.
* The students will learn basic procedures and equipment used in the music technology classes and how it can help them with music instruction.
* (New) students will be given ‘pre-tests’ to discover their previous music knowledge and aural skills.
* Students will begin working in the Alfred Basic Piano Library Lesson Books or higher-level music if previous instruction was given in earlier grades.


Music Technology Information Sheet, piano keyboards, Windows 7 computers, Alfred Basic Piano Method Level 1A, Music Ace 1 and all cables, adapters and headphones associated with electronic equipment. Student pre-testing forms or aural testing (depending on the grade level).


1) Complete selection of students recommended by each homeroom teacher in the 2nd - 5th grades. Handout forms (Music Technology Information Sheet) to all students. Obtain information on each student (name, address, phone, parents, etc.). Each student and parent must sign the Music Technology Information forms and return them promptly. Explain the rules and procedures carefully.

2) Familiarize students with operating the (Yamaha PSR-E403) keyboards. Explain the definitions of MIDI, General MIDI, keyboard and composition to the students. Brief definitions of these terms are on the Music Tech Terms page.

3) Begin teaching new students from the Alfred Basic Piano Library Book 1A, Lesson 1, pp. 3-8. More advanced students may work on later pages in the book. Student Goals: Understanding good posture at the keyboard; learning finger numbers; loud and soft tones, listening, finger position; identify 2 black key groups, high and low notes; identify 3 black key groups.

4) Students may also complete Lesson 1 in the Music Ace software. (Listening skills and introduction to the music staff). The teacher will need to record the progress of each student due to a lack of student accounts per station.

Students will identify the Music Tech Lab rules and procedures.
Students will operate the keyboard in the correct manner.
Students will complete all exercises on pages 3-8 of the Alfred Piano Lesson 1A.
    (identifying correct finger numbers, high and low, loud and soft notes on the keyboard,
    and 2 or 3 key black note groups on the keyboard.
Students will show some understanding of the definition of MIDI and composition.

The teacher will observe the points above and provide feedback to the students.

Essential Question
: How can technology assist students in learning music and music instruction?

Technology can be used in all aspects of music learning. Computer software can be used to learn music notes, rhythms and to compose music. Electronic keyboards can be used alone or in small groups to help students learn coordination and techniques for performance. Our website is a constant extension of our classroom and may be used at anytime by students who have Internet access. Electronic instruments and technology can be used in combination with acoustic instruments like our concert bells to add to performances and practice skills.

Extra Activities:

Students may choose a quiz to try on Music Tech Teacher Quizzes and Games. The 'Concentration' Games might be easy for young music students to begin. 'Identify the Instruments' is also an easy quiz for students who may be familiar with instrument families.

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Lessons ©

Standard (1) - Electronic Musical Instruments
     - Operate electronic instruments
     - Understand their unique characteristics
     - Use them in the classroom
Standard (4) - Technology Assisted Learning
      - Prescribe instructional software to provide students with a patient practice partner, allowing
        self-paced progress through subject matter.

Standard (2) Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
ISTE/NETS-S pre 2007
Standard (3) Technology Productivity Tools
 - Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
Standard (6) Technology Operations and Concepts
- Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.
a. understand and use technology systems.
b. select and use applications effectively and productively.
d. transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.

Essential Question Lessons 1-2

Lesson Plans Page


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