Identify the Notes (Louis Armstrong Story)

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Ms. Garrett began class with a review of famous jazz musicians. One of the musicians we studied was Louis Armstrong. We used the "Meet the Great Jazz Legends" Book from Alfred Publishing. This is a short summary of the text the students read. Ms. Garrett asked her students to identify the words in the following sentences by naming the notes in the word gaps.

Louis rmstrong was born in 1901 in New Orleans, La. H died in 1971. He excelled in singin and playing the trumpet / cornet. He was one of the first true jazz improvisers, an was known for his deep, gravelly voice. He was also known for reating a style of music called 'scat' when he dropped his music during a recording session and improvised the words using nonsense syllables. He received the nickname 'Satchmo' because of his ig cheeks and smile. When he was a youn boy, he was sent to reform school for shooting a gun. While he was in reform school, he learned to play the trumpet in the band. When he was released, he joined the band of his favorite trumpeter, Joe 'King' Oliver. Armstrong later ormed his own bands, including the Hot Five and the Hot Seven. One of his most famous songs was 'What A Wonderful World.' There are many interesting web sites on the Internet that have xcerpts of Louis Armstrong's biography and work. He made major ontributions to the music world through his talents.